XBRL Jurisdictions

Jurisdictions are an important part of the XBRL consortium. Since they act as the primary liaison to national governments, technology firms and business communities, Jurisdictional membership is your answer to learning, gaining a voice, showcasing your expertise, building relationships and developing an agenda for improving reporting in your community. By joining a Jurisdiction you are supporting improved business reporting both at home and globally.

XBRL Ireland

XBRL Ireland brings together groups from the financial services industry, general industry, the software industry, the academic world and the public sector with the goal of providing an XBRL infrastructure in Ireland. XBRL Ireland continues to make progress in advocating the adoption of XBRL, supporting its members through education and information and the maintenance of the Irish Taxonomies. The most significant XBRL development in Ireland has been the mandatory filing for clients in the large cases division to the Irish Revenue Commission, along with the announcement that mandatory filing would apply to all corporates except small companies starting in October 2014. In the context of international adoption, the current situation in the United Kingdom remains relevant to Ireland. XBRL UK is working with the FRC to plan the development of new and updated taxonomies which will also be required for use in Ireland, necessitating further cooperation and planning.


XBRL Ireland trades through Business Reporting Ireland Limited, a company limited by guarantee.

Business Reporting Ireland Limited. Reg No. 380975 . Registered in the Republic of Ireland. Reg Office 45-47 Pearse Street Dublin 2, Ireland

Director Richard Day , Oliver Holt, Conor O’Kelly